Ed Lovick 
Radar Man 
of the 
Lockheed Skunk Works

READ about Lovick's pioneering experiences developing stealth aircraft A-12 Oxcart, SR-71 Blackbird, F-117 Nighthawk and more in his book


'Radar Man: A Personal History of Stealth'


Available in soft or hardcover, or Kindle  online

 narrated by

"Ed Lovick, the grandfather of America's stealth technology" - Annie Jacobsen, Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base

April 2013 - Smithsonian Museum collects
Ed's slide rule
 used to design Stealth for aircraft, including
the U-2, A-12, and SR-71

June 2014 - Ed is inducted
into the Falls City Public Schools
Wall of Fame in Nebraska
where he graduated high school in 1937

Welcome to the Web site of Edward Lovick, the first radar reduction physicist in the Lockheed Skunk Works, causing general mayhem on just about every major program from 1957 to 1990.


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Above: Ed conducting waveguide measurements in the 1950s.
Below: 1981 Robert E. Gross Outstanding Engineer/Scientists Awardee

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